Media Bollards are a consumer engagement tool which 



Advances the Point of Decision.  Media Bollards are

placed at the store entrance drive shoppers to a

specific brand or product purchase.


Bollards are usually steel posts set in the ground to

prevent cars and trucks from running into pedestrians

or property.  We provide a bollard cover that presents

a clean, attractive surface, that's much easier to 

maintain than scraping and forever repainting chipped,

rusted bollards.  The hard, plastic Media Bollard cover

also provides bump protection, reducing customer's

"door ding" complaints.


Once installed, the Media Bollard cover can be

customized with advertising to fit your specific needs. 

Whether its to designate parking areas, simply caution

drivers to "Slow Down," or to promote services and

products, Media Bollards turns an old, unusable space,

into a prime messaging opportunity.

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