Pump Broadcasters grab consumers attention with highly

visible, easy to change promotional graphics and pricing. 

Our Pump Broadcasters are made from Black Post

Consumer Waste, making them environmentally friendly



The blowmolded plastic body provides a durable,

 weatherproof structure able to withstand outdoor

 elements, including heat, cold, sun, rain, etc.  The

improved mounting brackets provide for installation

in minutes.


Our Pump Broadcaster Unit Includes:


  • One (1) Black Molded Tombstone produced with

post consumer waste material

  • One (1) Single Sided Graphic Panel

  • Four (4) Pre-Printed Number Rolls (based on

current number roll printed for inventory)

  • Two (2) Metal Attachment Brackets


Pump Broadcaster Options:


  • Additional Decal at Base of Unit (17.5"W x 3.25"H)

  • Additional Replacement Brackets

  • Max 7 Units Shipped Per Skid (Five Across and

Two on Top); 154 Units (22 Skids) Per Truck

  • All Units Shipped Bulk Packed and Stretch Wrapped

  • Custom Colors to be Quoted Separately with

Minimum Unit Requirement


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